Archive Services

Media Restoration, Translations, Conversions, and Data Recovery

  • Vintage and modern media formats supported: Rubylith, 9-Track, Floppy Disks, QIC, 8mm, 4mm, CD, DVD, DAT, DLT, CD, DVD, LTO, film/paper
  • Data migration of DGS, GDSii, TAR, DWG, EPS, and CAD
  • Aging media and large format scanning capabilities

Secured Data

  • Restricted access document/media/IP storage center
  • Air gapped off-network storage: Isolated and segregated by customer
  • Controlled access and climate-controlled warehouse and processing areas
  • Secure FTP options
  • RAID storage
  • Fire-proof off-site back-up (disaster recovery)

Content Management System

  • Organized, searchable, with easy deposit and retrieval
  • Professionally indexed and cataloged
  • Data mining and analytics capabilities available
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