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Hermetic Assembly

  • Automated and semi-automated assembly equipment
  • Eutectic, Silver Glass and Epoxy Die Attach
  • Frit, Solder Seal and Metal Can Sealing
  • Package replications including leadframes
  • DLA certified
  • Flexible equipment to handle mix of package types
  • Commercial and Military flows
  • In-house reliability testing
  • Qualification services available

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Plastic Assembly

  • Automated saw, die attach and wire bond equipment
  • Full automold and semi-automated mold equipment
  • Flexible manufacturing space supporting a range of volumes
  • Leadframe options including: design/replication, pre-plated, spot plated
  • Gold ball bond
  • Epoxy die attach
  • Custom assembly solutions
  • Qualification services available

Open Cavity Packaging (OCPs)

We offer a broad range of Open Cavity Packages (OCPs) for quick-turn IC prototyping, enabling a quicker time-to-market for new product introductions.

Learn more about our OCP capabilities

Component Lead Finishing

  • SnPb, Matte Sn, and Ni Plating
  • Flexible rack plating system supports plating of leadframes and other
    electronic components
  • Configurable for other plating solutions
  • Pre-plated RoHs frames
  • Solder dip options

Package, Substrate and Leadframe Replication

  • Ability to re-introduce most package technologies
  • ROHS/SnPb lead finishes available
  • JEDEC and custom package outlines
  • Substrate and leadframe design services available
  • Qualification services available
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