The world's largest continuous source of semiconductors.

Licensed to manufacture devices no longer produced by the original component manufacturer.

  • Over 12 billion die in stock.
  • Over 20,000 device types manufactured.
  • Capability to manufacture over 70,000 device types.
  • Manufactured using information transferred directly to Rochester from original component manufacturer (OCM).
  • Ongoing manufacturing of stock products.
  • Build-to-order products.
  • Original manufacturer's die or fab processes matching the original design.
  • Process flows include Commercial, Industrial and Military Temperature, Rochester R, Rochester B,
    MIL-STD-883, SMD/QML, and Space-Level S/V.
  • A range of industry standard packaging with a variety of lead finishes including Sn, SnPb and RoHS.

100% Authorized, licensed, certified and guaranteed.

Rochester Electronics Re-Creation

With the original manufacturers approval, Rochester can re-create the original device.  The end product is a form, fit and functional replacement guaranteed to the original data sheet.

Rochester Re-Creations Offers:

  • 100% software compatibility; no software changes necessary.
  • Drop-in replacement.
  • Full comparative analysis report providing data for the original product versus the re-creation.
  • Full testing to the original manufacturer’s test parameters.
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