Processor and Peripheral

Rochester Electronics’ Processor portfolio includes over 76 million units comprised of over 15,000-part numbers. We provide continued production on many legacy and end-of-life (EOL) processors through licensing, die banks, and die product replications.

Our inventory covers a wide array of devices from 4-Bit Microcontrollers through 64-Bit Microprocessors made up of both multi-source and proprietary architectures. Additionally, we offer a large selection of Digital Signal Processors and Application Specific SOCs.

To support microprocessor and microcontroller designs, Rochester additionally stocks over 180 million peripheral devices comprised of nearly 15,000-part numbers, including co-processors, interface, connectivity, I/O expanders, timing, and many other complementary peripherals.

Prominent Architectures

x86 Architecture
Arm Architecture
8051 Core


4, 8, 16, and 32-Bit microcontrollers
16, 32, and 64-Bit microprocessors
Digital Signal Processors

Key Manufacturers

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