Rochester’s Memory portfolio includes over 135 million units comprising of 10,000 product numbers, covering Volatile and Non-Volatile varieties from multiple suppliers, in industry-standard packages. The product selection includes Rochester manufactured devices providing continued memory support for many end-of-life (EOL) processors and controllers.

Our Volatile memory portfolio covers multiple generations of SRAMs and DRAMs from standard low-density devices through high-performance synchronous DDR and high-density devices.

Our Non-volatile memory selection covers OTP, EPROM, and FLASH technologies available in a range of densities, with serial and parallel interfaces, and with multiple packages, temperature, and power supply options available.

Prominent Products

DRAMs: Fast Page, EDO Sync- DRR, DRR2, DRR3
SRAM: Sync & Async
FIFOs, Dual-Ports

Serial and Parallel EPROM/EEPROM
Serial and Parallel FLASH

Key Manufacturers

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