Rochester’s Logic portfolio includes over 1.7 billion units comprised of over 40,000 product numbers from more than 20 manufacturers covering multiple generations of technologies, including legacy and end-of-life (EOL) devices, where Rochester continues to provide production support.

Our device selection covers simple combinatorial to complex and programmable logic devices. Many are from multi-sourced, standard product families like the well-known 5400/7400 families and technology types such as LS/ALS/AS, AC/ACT, ABT, FCT, and others. The programmable devices cover PALs, CPLDs/EPLDs up through FPGAs included devices with embedded memory, DSPs, and high-speed serdes.

Within the selection, there is a broad range of package and temperature rating options, including many automotive, military, and space-qualified products.

Prominent Products

Standard Logic Gates- 5400/7400 series, LS/ALS/AS, AC/ACT, ABT, FCT, and more

Key Manufacturers

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