Analog and Mixed Signal

Rochester Electronics’ Analog and Mixed Signal portfolio includes over 2.5 billion units compromising of 100,000-part numbers and covering a broad range of power management, analog signal chain, RF/Microwave, and other application-specific devices.

Power Management is the largest product group. The selection includes linear and switching regulators, PWM controllers, PMICs, voltage references, modules, and power switches complemented by a selection of IGBT, MOSFET, and Bridge Drivers along with a large selection of supervisors and monitors.

Rochester’s analog signal chain products provide the bridge between the analog and digital design and allow input/output interaction to the external world, including data converters, amplifiers, switches, multiplexers, and signal conditioning devices.

Completing our portfolio are a number of application-specific products such as RF/Microwave devices, audio/video devices, and various types of sensors.

Prominent Products

Power Management
Switching Controllers,
Power Converters,
Supervisors, Monitors,
Battery Management

Bridge-Gate Drivers
Bridge, MOSFET, and IGBT Drivers, LED-Backlight and Peripheral Drivers

Audio/Video, RF/Microwave

Signal Chain
A/D Converters, D/A Converters,
Amplifiers, Filters,
Signal Conditioning-Drivers/Receivers,

Temperature, Magnetic, Capacitive, Optical, Pressure, Position

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