We are All in this Together.

As we find ourselves in a world promoting physical distancing, we have never been so united in fighting one common cause, the battle against COVID-19. It is an enemy that does not discriminate; one that has touched us all in our daily lives. Many battle from our homes, keeping others safe by social distancing, while working diligently behind the scenes balancing to support both our families and our businesses. At the same time, others work outside of these safety boundaries on the frontlines, exposing themselves to the raw reality of COVID-19. We are all taking the necessary steps to fight for those we love, for those we have never met and for those we may never meet.

We are truly all in this together!

The Rochester Electronics’ team would like to take a moment to express gratitude to our employees who are working around the clock preparing critical components for shipment.

We thank our shipping partners who show up at our loading docks each and every day transporting these components to customers around the world.

We thank our customers who are producing and maintaining critical equipment used by first responders in the field.

And we thank our first responders for saving lives and providing comfort to strangers in their time of need.

Working collaboratively together we are stronger, as we are all critical components in the fight against COVID-19.

Thank you, each and every one!