Overcoming challenges in the fight against Coronavirus

Around the world our lives have become a series of complex events centered around the COVID-19 pandemic. As a global society, we have joined together to overcome a challenge most have never experienced in their lifetime.

Manufacturing companies, across a myriad of industries, have banded together transforming production lines focused on constructing ventilators used in the frontlines to support and sustain life. In parallel, other companies increase the production of research equipment used to better understand the disease and to discover a treatment, cure or vaccine.

As an authorized distributor and licensed manufacturer of end-of-life and hard-to-find semiconductors, Rochester has shipped millions of critical components used in ventilators and diagnostic systems to countries like Japan, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Canada and across the United States.

We are honored to have a global team of dedicated employees working hard to provide companies with critical components used in this process and saving lives.

Together we make a difference! In the fight against COVID-19, we are all critical components!