Providing customers a continuous authorized source of supply for Analog Devices


In December 2019, Rochester Electronics became the exclusive provider supporting Analog Devices ADSP-TS20xS TigerSHARC® products. Analog Devices transferred all residual excess inventory and associated product wafers to Rochester Electronics. This partnership agreement establishes long-term continued product availability for our valued customers.

The ADSP-TS20xS TigerSHARC processors are a family of ultra-high-performance, static superscalar processors optimized for large signal processing required in demanding Healthcare, Defense/Aerospace, and Communications infrastructure applications. The TigerSHARC Processor core is unique among high-performance signal processors in that it directly supports both fixed and floating-point data types and has large on-chip memory. Rochester Electronics and Analog Devices have partnered for over two decades providing customers with an extensive portfolio of 100% authorized, traceable, certified, and guaranteed long-term support solutions.

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