Understanding the Fundamental Elements of Semiconductor IC Testing

Semiconductor device testing is a process that is as old as semiconductor devices themselves, but is rarely understood by those who are not experienced engineers.  

Buyers and managers who are involved in the procurement of these IC’s understand that test is a required process step for procurement, but often do not understand the specific requirements, or the value of test.  

Without an understanding of these test requirements or the value of test, selecting the appropriate test methods for a particular product, technology, or market segment is impossible.  Furthermore, comparing the effectiveness of test services can be very difficult and may result in an inappropriate level of testing for some components.

Matching the component test requirements of semiconductor devices and implementing the proper test methodologies for those devices requires the skilled intellect of an experienced component test engineer.

  • Gain a basic understanding of the fundamental elements of semiconductor IC testing.  
  • Learn why the quality of test is central to the effectiveness of the test process, and not all test is the same.
  • Learn the basic principals so you can make smart choices when selecting the proper services and/or facilities.
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