We are the Semiconductor Lifecycle Solution, Supporting All Nexperia Product Families

Rochester Electronics stocks an extensive range of Nexperia discrete, MOSFET and logic devices. This inventory includes over 1.6 billion Nexperia components comprised of ten thousand different product numbers.

Rochester Electronics has partnered with Nexperia since its inception in 2017, providing 100% Authorized, traceable, certified and guaranteed solutions.

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Product Portfolio

Diodes & Transistors

  • General purpose diodes and transistors
  • Resistor-equipped transistors (RETs)
  • Low VCEsat, medium & high power transistors
  • Zener, Schottky and switching diodes
  • Low VF Schottky and PN rectifier


Logic Devices

  • Automotive logic
  • Buffers, drivers, transceivers
  • Counters and frequency dividers
  • Flip-flops, latches, registers
  • Gates
  • Logic voltage translators
  • Specialty logic
  • Switches, (de) multiplexers


ESD Protection

  • ESD protection devices with standard and low capacitance for high-speed interfaces
  • Surge protection (TVS) devices
  • Common mode & EMI filters
  • Application-specific ESD solutions



  • Automotive MOSFETs
  • Low RDSon Trench MOSFETs from 12 V to 200 V
  • N/P-channel MOSFETs
  • ESD protected types


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