Nexperia is a global leader in Discretes, Logic and MOSFET devices

  • Broad portfolio for standard functions and state-of-the art applications.
  • Over 1.5 Billion units of Nexperia inventory and more than 10,000 different product families, in stock and ready to ship immediately.

Product Portfolio

Diodes & Transistors

  • General purpose diodes and transistors
  • Resistor-equipped transistors (RETs)
  • Low VCEsat, medium & high power transistors
  • Zener, Schottky and switching diodes
  • Low VF Schottky and PN rectifier

Logic Devices

  • Automotive logic
  • Buffers, drivers, transceivers
  • Counters and frequency dividers
  • Flip-flops, latches, registers
  • Gates
  • Logic voltage translators
  • Specialty logic
  • Switches, (de) multiplexers

ESD Protection

  • ESD protection devices with standard and low capacitance for high-speed interfaces
  • Surge protection (TVS) devices
  • Common mode & EMI filters
  • Application-specific ESD solutions



  • Automotive MOSFETs
  • Low RDSon Trench MOSFETs from 12 V to 200 V
  • N/P-channel MOSFETs
  • ESD protected types


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