Providing long-term support for the Industrial, Medical and Military Markets

Intel’s x86 Family of Microprocessors

Intel's x86 processor architecture has been the core of many consumer, industrial, medical, military, and communication applications for over 3 decades. The products range from the 16-Bit x286 microprocessors to current multi-core processors. Device options cover the requirements from applications driven by pure high performance to those driven by power efficiency, and an array of devices providing a balance between performance and power efficiency.

With processors providing long product lifecycle solutions, it is important to have a trusted source focused on long-term support. Rochester Electronics has partnered with Intel for over 25 years and still supports many legacy microcontrollers and microprocessors such as the 8051, 8086/8088, and others. Our partnership also includes support for many x86 processors where Rochester has inventory on over 2 million units covering 280-part numbers. Our selection covers well known products such as the Xeon, Pentium, Core Duo, Celeron, and Atom processors, as well as 80286/386/486 processors.

In addition to the x86 processors, Rochester has a selection of over 3 million units of Intel chipsets and interface devices. These devices along with a vast selection of other Memory, Logic, and Power Management products are available from Rochester’s inventory to help meet the ongoing production needs for many designs.

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