Providing a Continuous Source of Supply of Intel Devices for over 25 Years!

Intel Device

Rochester Electronics is an authorized distributor and licensed manufacturer of Intel.

For over 25 years, Rochester has been providing 100% Authorized, traceable, certified, and guaranteed Intel product solutions, supporting the industrial, transportation, military, energy, civil aviation and telecommunications markets.

We currently offer over 1.6 billion in stock devices in addition to a range of licensed manufacturing solutions.

Our Intel product range includes microprocessors, microcontrollers, non-volatile memory, and peripherals in a variety of packages, temperature ranges and process flows. For our re-created manufacturing solutions, we use enhanced original Intel test programs for validation. No device errata and no software validation is needed by our customers.

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Rochester’s Intel Product Portfolio Includes:

  • 80C186XL/188XL active manufacturing
  • 80C196KC active manufacturing
  • X86 Microprocessors: 8085 through 80486
  • MCS: 48, 51, 96, and 80960
  • Non-Volatile Memory

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