Rochester’s Intersil and IDT product portfolios

Rochester's partnership with Renesas Intersil and IDT product portfolios

Rochester's partnership with Renesas allows us to offer long-term continuous support for their Intersil and IDT product portfolios including a wide selection of Analog-Mixed Signal, Memory, Logic, Interface, and Discrete products. Rochester has over 45 million units of finished goods composed of 9,000 various part numbers. Additionally, we have 3,300-part numbers which Rochester supports through our Build-to-Order licensed manufacturing capabilities based upon existing wafer/die inventory.

The Intersil portfolio has provided analog-mixed signal and discrete solutions over the past several decades, including products previously supplied by Elantec and Harris Semiconductor. Power management accounts for a major portion of Rochester's inventory, including voltage regulators and controllers, supervisors, and monitors, IGBT and MOSFET drivers, and signal chain products such as amplifiers, data converters, signal conditional devices, and analog switches, and multiplexers.

Within Memory, we provide a strong offering of Intersil and IDT SRAM products with over 8 million units which include low-density asynchronous devices through to 18M-Bit synchronous QDRII™ burst SRAMs. Additionally, we offer over 6 million units of PROM, EPROM, and EEPROM products supporting supply voltage, interface, and package requirements across a range of applications.

Logic products is another area where our joint Intersil and IDT portfolios offer a broad selection of products, including a variety of general-purpose logic gates, flip-flops, multiplexers, buffers, registers, and other functions, with a selection of packages and temperature ranges and support for multiple supply and I/O voltages requirements.

Completing the offering, are various Peripheral and Interface products, including many RS-232/ RS-422/ RS-485 transceivers which have found long-term use in numerous industrial products along with several Parallel and Serial I/O devices, UARTs, and other MCU support products.

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