A Biomedical Device Test Systems Manufacturer

Replicating Critical Microprocessors for Biomedical Device Test Devices

The Customer Challenge

Biomedical devices are held to a high standard of quality and reliability, and for good reason. A patient’s well-being depends on the devices functioning as designed.

Manufacturers of biomedical testing instrument systems need to ensure that all systems they design meet the highest standards of specifications and testing. Most biomedical devices aren’t typically replaced or upgraded over short time frames, so they need to perform reliably for many years. Components inside biomedical equipment must be high quality, reliable and authentic, and must be available long-term.

A leading biomedical testing instrument systems manufacturer was in a bind when it learned that a critical system microprocessor was being obsoleted. An increase in demand for this microprocessor had depleted the supply, and the original contract manufacturer (OCM) issued an “end of life” notification for the part.

This left the manufacturer with two options. They could redesign, re-test and re-certify the model’s design, which would have been cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. Or, they could somehow secure a long-term source for this vital component.

The Rochester Solution

Rochester Electronics specializes in guaranteeing the future availability of critical components, embedded in systems, nearing the end of their life cycle or being obsoleted. Rochester’s solution for this biomedical devices customer was to recreate the original device, avoiding a costly redesign.

Rochester Electronics had signed an agreement to be an authorized partner with the OCM. This allowed Rochester to acquire all of the remaining finished goods, wafers and die, after the OCM had ended the life of the device. Rochester also secured permission to use the same packaging and assembly houses originally used to manufacture the device. Rochester manufactured, tested and qualified a first-time build for this device, meeting the biomedical testing equipment manufacturer’s requirements for high quality, reliable and authentic parts.

This solution saved the manufacturer significant re-design and re-engineering costs. It also avoided riskier alternatives, including possibly having to source the parts on the “gray market.” These sources are not authorized by the OCM, which means that the parts may be faulty or counterfeit, and may lead to equipment failure.

Technology advancements have resulted in an ever-increasing number of semiconductors “end of life” by their original manufacturers, especially in industries like biomedical devices. This leaves OEMs in a difficult position of fulfilling long-term supply requirements for these vital components. These companies turn to Rochester Electronics for replacement solutions that are a form, fit and functional replacement of the originals.

Rochester Electronics’ licensed manufacturing solutions are 100% authorized, licensed, traceable and guaranteed, and provide a continued source of supply for critical devices for industries with long product life cycles.

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