Supporting Your Safety Needs During Supply Chain Disruption

The last two decades have seen tremendous advancement in semiconductor process technology, reducing the physical size and the required operating voltage. This provides the benefits of lower cost and reduced power across all products. However, the benefits come with some caveats. These smaller semiconductor geometries increase susceptibility to external electrical influences.

Any product that connects to the external world or operates in high-power and high-noise environments must address these concerns. Many designs now routinely incorporate protection and isolation devices and are required in some applications, such as medical and industrial, to meet safety certifications.

Protection and isolation can be found in the form of ESD and TVS diodes, digital isolators, isolated amplifiers, isolated gate drivers, and similar products. Common isolation technologies are capacitive, magnetic, and optical with each having its own benefits. Typical applications are in external interfaces such as RS232 and USB, in power and motor drive applications for gate drive and current sense, and for protecting the digital portions of a design.

To support your protection and isolation needs in this supply chain challenged-environment, Rochester Electronics stocks over 850 million devices covering a variety of product types. Our inventory is a mix of active and end-of-life devices with over 60% exhibiting greater than 20-week lead-times. Our inventory is 100% authorized and guaranteed supporting many of the top suppliers for these applications including Analog Device, Infineon Technologies, Maxim Integrated, Nexperia, ONSEMI, Texas Instruments, and Renesas.

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