Supporting long-term component lifecycle needs during times of supply chain disruptions

Supply chain disruption support

For over 50 years, the electronics industry has witnessed unprecedented growth. Most people in the industry are familiar with Moore's Law which was proposed by Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and former CEO of Intel, who predicted the exponential growth based on continuous advancements in microelectronics and semiconductor technology. The proposal has stood the test of time. A computer that once took up an entire room can now be on your wrist. Automobiles which at one time were mechanical marvels, now integrate many electronic components providing greater efficiencies and safety.

Industries across the spectrum have benefitted from the advancements in electronics. However, these advancements result in continuous changes to semiconductor devices which in turn, require manufacturers to continually evaluate their migration to the next packaging standard, voltage requirement, or other change. Consequently, supply chain management becomes a high priority for manufacturers in long lifecycle applications. Consolidation in the semiconductor industry over the last two decades has also created additional complexities.

Since our founding in 1981, Rochester Electronics has been focused on providing long lifecycle solutions, obtained through our partnerships with over 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers, providing 100% authorized and guaranteed devices. Additionally, Rochester can provide continued production on previously discontinued devices through our Build-to-Order (BTO) licensed manufacturing services.

To provide true lifecycle support, it is necessary to cover a broad spectrum of products. For example, finding a solution for the main microprocessor does not always help if there is no solution for the associated memory device. To this end, Rochester has over 15 billion devices including both active and EOL lifecycles covering five major product categories of Analog-Mixed Signal, Processors and Peripherals, Logic Devices, Memory, and Discrete.

The Analog-Mixed Signal covers more detailed product types including power management, data-converters, amplifiers, interface, and sensors along with more application-specific products such as audio-video and RF-Microwave. Rochester has over 3 billion units in stock, composed of 90,000 various part numbers including many long-lead-time devices.

Processors and Peripherals is another key product group. Our solutions cover a wide range of microprocessors and microcontrollers from 4-bit to 64-bit that use multi-sourced and proprietary architectures and cover multiple generations of products. Rochester supports over 80 million units of processors represented by over 35 suppliers, including those involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Logic has seen countless changes generated by semiconductor advancements and supplier consolidations. This has produced multiple generations of logic families used across all types of applications including many requiring long-term support. Rochester's inventory consists of over 1.6 billion units, including many legacy programmable logic devices.

For Memory product, Rochester has over 150 million units in inventory made up of 9,000 part numbers. Our volatile memory portfolio includes SRAMs, DRAMs, (standard DRAM thru DDR3) as well as specialty memories such as FIFOs and Dual-Ports. Non-volatile types include OTP-EPROM-EEPROM and FLASH memory, as well as some non-volatile SRAM and FRAM devices.

Lastly, Discrete accounts for the largest segment by volume, with over 4.5 billion units in stock. These devices include a large variety of transistors, diodes, and protection devices. In today's market, many of these are long lead-time items that can provide potential solutions as second-sourcing options.

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