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NXP Semiconductors has a strong heritage in the industry and tracing its roots back to two prominent companies. NXP originated out of Philips Semiconductor which was already well-established in the industry, then further expanded its reach through the acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor who had begun through the Motorola Semiconductor Products Group. Both companies were leaders in the early development of the semiconductor industry and their combined products and technologies have helped to create one of the largest and influential companies in the industry today.

NXP maintains a focus on Automotive, Edge Processing, Advanced Analog, and RF products. Through its R&D and its continued customer focus, NXP has developed an extensive portfolio of products. As a supplier of many critical components, NXP has held a long-standing partnership with Rochester Electronics, including over 20 years with Freescale. Our partnership allows Rochester to provide a long-term 100% authorized, traceable, certified, and guaranteed solution for both active and end-of-life devices. Rochester's inventory supports over 87-million units covering 6,700-part numbers. Additionally, through our Build-to-Order (BTO) licensed manufacturing services, Rochester provides continued production for devices that had been previously discontinued, such as the 80C51-based 8/16-bit MCU Family.

High on NXP’s product list is its extensive portfolio of microprocessors and microcontrollers. These devices are based on a mix of proprietary and multi-sourced CPU cores and include many well-known brand names. Within Rochester’s inventory is over 17-million units composed of over 4,400-part numbers including products such as:

QorIQ Processors

Analog and mixed signal technology is another area of NXP’s expertise. Here NXP has developed many versatile power management products like voltage regulators including multi-output PMICs, power supervisors and battery management, and wireless power devices, along with LED and peripheral driver devices. They have also developed sensors for automotive and industrial applications to provide cost-effective and precision temperature, pressure, acceleration, and position measurements.

Finally, another area of long-term development for NXP has been their RF/microwave products. These cover from many discrete transistors and diodes to more complex devices such as mixers, tuners, modulators, and synthesizers. Integrated and application-specific devices are also covered, which include wireless SOC with integrated ARM cores and devices specifically focused on RFID, NFC, and cable applications.

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