Not All Substitute Solutions Are Created Equal.

Why authorized is important!

Semiconductor end-of-life (EOL) is an ever-present problem in every electronics manufacturing industry today, and it’s not going away. The goal has always been to purchase a replacement device that is the exact form, fit, and function as the original. Lately, companies have been offering a variety to aftermarket “substitute” solutions that claim to be form, fit, and function replacements; however, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are finding from experience that these parts often fall short of that promise.

In our whitepaper, "Rochester Electronics Semiconductor Lifecycle Solutions™: An Authorized Source for Obsolete Semiconductor Devices", we will discuss the component end-of-life solutions available and how Rochester Electronics Semiconductor Lifecycle Solution™ can help your business– authorized by the original manufacture to have the exact form, fit, and function of the originals.

Rochester’s solutions are saving millions of dollars every day for customers in industries around the globe – aerospace, industrial, medical, military, security, space, telecom, and transportation.

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