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Legacy 5V Devices

Early computer chips were designed around TTL standards which are based on 5V. As home computing became mass-market in the 1980s, the need to reduce costs drove the use of smaller transistor geometries, and hence more individual die/circuits for any given wafer.

As transistors shrink, the effective drive voltage scales; accordingly, and the use of lower drive voltages, results in reduced power consumption. (Lowering supply voltage from 5V – 3.3V results in a reduction of 34% in the static power and a 56% reduction in dynamic power consumption, other things being equal.)

The cost-speed-power advantages typically surpass any risks of increased susceptibility to system noise and EMC. Today’s demands for reduced power consumption everywhere and the increasing use of battery-powered systems means that 5V CMOS component manufacture has all but disappeared.

However, the support for installed legacy systems and the need for backward compatibility is an ever-present concern for suppliers of systems in the Industrial, Energy, Transportation, Aerospace, and Military markets. Product and maintenance lifecycles are longer and the re-qualification costs larger than in other markets. Their ongoing need for robustness to noise and EMC is often not easily satisfied by today’s smaller geometry-sensitive devices.

Rochester is still able to offer and manufacture many 5V devices. Our capabilities include:

  • 5V & 3.3V legacy ASIC: LSIs libraries allowing Rochester to offer the historical product portfolio as well as potentially new 5V-3.3V products
  • 5V MCU/CPUs such as Intel/AMD’s 186/188/196/286/386/486 processor ranges
  • 5V Peripherals such as Ethernet, I/O Controllers
  • 5V Memory: Atmel/Cypress/Spansion/Xicor: EPROM, EEPROM, SRAMs, NOR
  • 5V Logic: Texas Instruments/Nexperia/ON Semiconductor ABT/AC/ACT/AHC/ALS/AS/CD4000/LS/LV/TTL ranges
  • 5V Logic Arrays: AMD/Vantis/Cypress/Lattice/Texas Instruments/National/Altera: PAL/PALCE/GAL/TIBPAL ranges

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