Microprocessors, Microcontroller and Digital Signal Processors

Microprocessors, Microcontroller and Digital Signal Processors

The current state of the semiconductor industry has presented some challenges to the supply chain and to manufacturing, resulting in lead-time extension for many key products. Rochester Electronics, with its extensive inventory, is positioned to help alleviate supply chain disruption. With our 100% authorized and guaranteed inventory, customers can be assured of a risk-free solution.

Microprocessors, Microcontroller, and Digital Signal Processors are predominantly affected. These products typically offer a unique mix of core architecture, features, peripherals, and packages resulting in a sole source device. This scenario increases the challenge to supply chain management, as lead-times become extended.

Rochester has stock on over 15 million units of microprocessor, microcontroller, and DSP devices which are exhibiting a greater than 12-week lead-time. The stock is comprised of more than 5,000-part numbers from many of our top suppliers.

Included in the long lead-time processor offering are architectures such as ARM, PowerPC, HC08/S08, 80C51, with key brands such as i.MX, Kinetis, PowerQUICC, MSP430, PSOC, TC-Tricore, and others.

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