Quality and Reliability

Different yet both are essential.

Rochester Electronics Semiconductor Quality & Reliability - Authorized & Guaranteed

Reliability is a measure of a product’s ability to withstand usage within that product’s specifications for a period of time as determined by the OCM (original component manufacturer), using their proprietary test methods usually reported as MTTF (meantime to failure) and other measurements.

  • Reliability is measured through destructive means
  • Includes speed, at temperature, and at limits testing by the OCM
  • Periodically reviewed up to each lot of product

Quality is conformance to a specification at a particular time.

  • The specification may be a datasheet, a SCD, a JAN slash sheet, or a customer documented requirement
  • Can only be measured using OCM test programs/ conditions for standard products where the specification is unchanged from the original OCM specification
  • Quality does not equal reliability

Only OCMs or their authorized test providers, such as Rochester Electronics, can determine true reliability.

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