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Discrete Transistor Solutions

Discrete transistors are one of the most common elements in electronic design. They are used in a multitude of applications ranging from simple small-signal transistors to large high-power devices, as well as high-frequency/high-power devices. Although they appear relatively simple, with often only three terminals, the varied requirements on voltage, current, power dissipation, capacitance, switching speeds and other parameters present a complex and varied selection. Silicon-based Bipolar, MOSFET, and IGBT transistors have historically covered most applications, and more recently SiC (silicon-carbide) and GaN (gallium-nitride) have been added to that list of options. Each of these device types brings with it benefits to meet an application requirement. This, combined with a vast array of package options, creates by volume one of the largest segments of the semiconductor market.

Applications across numerous industries are currently experiencing increased demand, and they all utilize significant quantities of transistors. Though there may be multi-source options, the demand is outpacing supply causing customers to broaden their purchasing options. This includes qualifying additional suppliers; expanding and re-evaluating the temperature and performance specifications; accepting broader date code ranges; and even redesigning boards to accept different packages.

Rochester Electronics is partnered with top suppliers in the semiconductor industry and is well-positioned to help with supply chain challenges. Our inventory includes a large selection of 2-billion transistors comprised of approximately 18,000-part numbers covering the full spectrum of performance and package options. The devices are sourced suppliers like Infineon Technologies, Nexperia, ONSEMI, and Renesas. Our transistors are 100% authorized, traceable, certified, and guaranteed.

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