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Rochester's partnership with Renesas allows us to provide continued support for their Intersil and IDT product portfolios. We have had a long relationship with these legacy suppliers and have over 16,000-part numbers and 48 million units of finished goods inventory available plus wafer/die material to support additional manufacturing requirements. The product categories include Analog, Logic, Memory, Interface, I/O Peripherals, and Discrete devices.

Analog products include a range of power management devices such as voltage regulators and controllers, power supervisors and monitors, IGBT and MOSFET drivers, and signal chain products such as amplifiers, data converters, signal conditional devices, and analog switches and multiplexers. The wide variety of these products find use in many electronic applications.

Logic devices include a variety of general-purpose logic gates, flip-flops, multiplexers, registers, and other functions. Used as glue-logic for adapting interfaces and mixing logic levels, allow for the building of complex logic functions.

Memory includes high-speed and standard SRAM used for buffering and cache applications along with OTP parallel and serial EPROMS used for code and configuration storage.

Peripheral and Interface devices include Parallel and Serial I/O, UARTs, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 transceivers along with other MCU support products. Many of these products are found in industrial, medical, and military applications requiring long lifecycle support.

Discrete products include transistors and diodes, some of which are focused on RF applications and digital potentiometers. These include bipolar and FET products and some devices specifically designed for RF applications.

In addition to offering broad support for Renesas’s entire product line, Rochester Electronics’ ability to provide 100% authorized distribution for Intersil and IDT solutions make us your ideal source for product needs in the industrial, transportation, military, energy, civil aviation, and telecommunications markets.

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