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Continuing Support for 8-Bit Microprocessors

First developed in the 1970s, early 8-Bit microprocessors powered the first home PCs along with many other applications. Motorola’s MC6809 and Intel’s 8080 were the world’s first mass-market MCUs.

As late as 2015 8-Bit MCUs still accounted for 40% of the MCU market due to their simplicity, adaptability, and low cost. Even in today’s applications where a device does not need to connect to the internet, has no strong security needs, and where peripherals can easily be added, an 8-Bit MCU can do the job.

The addition of OTP/ROM/ROM-less/E²PROM versions; BUS-interfaces such as on-chip CAN-controllers, as well as lower voltage devices continue to make 8-Bit MCUs a relevant and cost-competitive solution for many applications.

Widely used in applications such as motor control in the power, transportation, industrial, and automotive markets, there continues to be ongoing need for support.

Rochester Electronics is licensed to continue manufacturing many older 8-Bit MCUs to support ongoing market needs:

All products are tested using the original OCM test procedures and are 100% complaint to the original datasheet specifications.

Additionally, Rochester has 100 million units of original 8-Bit devices in stock, both end-of-life and active devices, to support current market shortages - all 100% Authorized by the original manufacturers and guaranteed. These include AVR-ATMEGA, HC08/S08, PSOC, COP8 and 8051 based MCUs.

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