Intel 82527 CAN Controller

Intel 82527 CAN Controller

The Controller Area Network (CAN) has been implemented by virtually all the automotive manufacturers as well as in avionics, marine, and industrial applications. A common trait of these applications is an extended development time and a long product lifecycle. Consequently, for CAN and other semiconductor components, obsolescence management takes on a critical role.

Rochester Electronics specializes in semiconductor lifecycle solutions with an extensive stock of both active and end-of-life semiconductors along with our licensed manufacturing capabilities. Rochester’s stock includes over 3 Million units of CAN-related devices comprised of 200 distinct part numbers. This stock consists of Discrete CAN transceivers, Microcontrollers, and Microprocessors with embedded CAN controllers, and CAN-based Systems Basis Chips (SBCs).

An example of Rochester’s ability to deliver long-term support is the licensed manufacturing of the Intel 82527 CAN Controller which provided the basis for many CAN designs. In 2005, Intel transferred manufacturing, production, and test of the product line to Rochester Electronics. The device which his compatible with the Bosch CC770 CAN controller, continues to yield production demand and Rochester is committed to maintaining support with active inventory and long-term manufacturing, even as others exit the market.

In addition to manufacturing Rochester has been successful in providing continued support through product replications. One such example is our replication of the NXP P80C592 microcontroller with an embedded CAN controller for thyssenkrupp Elevator, a global leader of passenger transportation systems. NXP transferred the original design and test data to Rochester which allowed for a successful device replication. This provided thyssenkrupp with a fully compatible solution eliminating any need for software or hardware modifications and avoiding costly redesign and requalification.

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