Supporting Your PROFET® Smart Highside Power Switch Needs

Infineon BTS550P | BTS555

Rochester has secured significant inventory to support ongoing demand of these obsolete Infineon devices. This will be the last authorized stock available in the marketplace.

The highly integrated PROFET® family (PROtected FET) incorporates a broad range of smart features. PROFET intelligent power highside switches consist of a DMOS power transistor and CMOS logic circuitry for complete built-in protection.

The Infineon BTS550P and BTS555, Smart Highside High Current Power Switch devices, are part of the PROFET family. They incorporate an N-Channel vertical power FET with charge pump, current-controlled input and diagnostic feedback with load current sense, integrated into Smart SIPMOS®chip on chip technology. These devices provide embedded functions such as; overload, over-temperature, over-voltage and short circuit protection for automotive and industrial applications.

Rochester Electronics has been a proud partner of Infineon Technologies for over 15 years providing customers with 100% Authorized, traceable, certified, and guaranteed solutions.

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