End-to-end support for Ampleon’s LDMOS/VDMOS/GaN1 Power Transistors

Ampleon’s LDMOS/VDMOS/GaN1 Power Transistors

Designers everywhere face a never-ending battle of managing the mismatch between their system’s lifecycle and the obsolescence of the components within it.

Nowhere is this challenge more evident than in markets such as Mobile Broadband, Broadcast, Military Radio, and Satellite Communications, Radar, Aerospace, and certain Medical applications, where each-and-every RF component in the signal chain is a “critical” and often sole-sourced part.

The unique partnership between Ampleon and Rochester Electronics was established to provide our customers with a trusted long-term source for these critical RF devices. Recognizing that customers require a seamless transition, post-last-time-buy, to an authorized end-of-life manufacturing partner, Rochester’s current stock includes 150-part numbers of finished goods inventory along with wafer and die stock to provide continued licensed production. All products are 100% authorized and guaranteed to the original Ampleon specifications and will continue to be available for many years to come.

RF Designers can rest easier knowing that costly obsolescence-driven redesigns can be avoided, and that a blueprint exists for risk-free long-term support.

Rochester Electronics is also the partner of choice for the long-term supply of both Active and end-of-life finished product for many of the world’s other leading RF manufacturers with over 225 million RF/Microwave components in stock, comprised of 3,000-part numbers. Rochester provides true end-to-end support for the complete RF chain.

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