8-bit NMOS Family of Devices

Motorola / Freescale 8-bit NMOS Family of Devices MC6800
  • Launched originally by Motorola Semiconductor and licensed to Thomson.
  • Predominantly utilized in Avionic and Transportation applications
  • Finished goods in stock for all product types
  • Wafers in inventory for build-to-order-8 week lead time
  • Ability re-create any of the peripherals of the product family -contact us


Drop-in replacement.  No expensive system re-qualification, re-certification or re-design.  No software changes required.

Example Qualified Part NumberPackageAvailable Speed GradesAvailability*
MC68B09CP-GPDIP1Mhz, 1.5Mhz, 2.0Mhz12-14 weeks
MC68B02CLSide Brazed1Mhz, 1.5Mhz, 2.0Mhz12-14 weeks
MC6840CFN-GPLCC1Mhz, 1.5Mhz, 2.0Mhz12-14 weeks
MC68B40CPPDIP1Mhz, 1.5Mhz, 2.0Mhz12-14 weeks
MC68B21CP-GPDIP1Mhz, 1.5Mhz, 2.0Mhz12-14 weeks

*Alternate packages are available. Based on lead frame availability. Contact Rochester for more information.

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