Buyers and managers involved in IC procurement need to understand the value of test.

Here are 3 important reasons why:

  • Learning the basic principals allows you to make smart choices when selecting the proper services and/or facilties.
  • Understanding why the quality of test is central to the effectiveness of the test process.
  • Awareness that not all test is created equal.

Rochester Electronics' Strategic Supplier Program Director, Gary Francoeur, explains in the whitepaper, "The Quality of Test" that; "Today's buyers, managers, and procurement agents of semiconductor devices must address a number of major technical and business issues when it comes to the electrical/parametric testing of electronic components.

Semiconductor device testing is a process that is as old as semiconductor devices themselves, but is rarely understood by those who are not experienced engineers.

Buyers and managers who are involved in the procurement of these ICs understand that test is a required process step for procurement, but often do not understand the specific requirements, or the value of test."