Medical equipment applications encompass products ranging from small battery-operated instruments to semi-portable AC-powered equipment, and up through large high-powered stationary equipment. Each of these has its own unique design requirements, but common to all is the need for reliable and long-term component supply.

Medical equipment manufacturers invest a significant amount of time and money ensuring their products meet the required regulatory approvals and standards, such as IEC60101-1, ISO13485, FDA-21CRF-Part807, and others. As such, product changes potentially requiring requalification are avoided.

The medical equipment lifecycle is directly influenced by the semiconductor lifecycle. Obsolescence, consolidation of suppliers and product lines, along with general market availability can dramatically impact production. In addition, high-reliability and quality standards dictate sourcing components through trusted channels.

Rochester Electronics' focus on providing a continuous source of semiconductors aligns strongly with the long lifecycle requirements of equipment manufacturers. Rochester provides 100% authorized stock of active and end-of-life (EOL) devices from over 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers. As a licensed semiconductor manufacturer, Rochester has manufactured over 20,000 device types. With over 12 billion die in stock, Rochester has the capability to manufacture over 70,000 device types.

Key Products and Concerns

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

  • Impacted by sole sourced architecture-specific devices
  • Requirements for system software updates

Power Management

  • Qualification requirements for isolation and safety

Analog Signal Chain, Sensors, and RF Components

  • Customization, calibration and qualification of design

Memory and Logic

  • Impacted by market and technology trends
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