Created in 2015, Ampleon has been shaped by 50 years of RF power leadership and is set to exploit the full potential of data and energy transfer in RF. Its innovative, yet consistent portfolio offers products and solutions for a range of applications, such as mobile broadband infrastructure, radio, and TV broadcasting, CO2 lasers and plasma, MRI, particle accelerators, radar, and air-traffic control, non-cellular communications, RF cooking and defrosting, RF heating and plasma lighting.

Ampleon specializes in RF Power and offers a broad range of transistors as discrete devices, MMICs, pallets, and modules in LDMOS as well as GaN technology. Their products are designed to cover a range of frequency bands and support a comprehensive package line-up.

Through their partnership with Rochester Electronics, Ampleon’s VDMOS RF Power devices will continue to offer solutions for Broadcast, ISM, Aerospace, and Defense Communication applications. The VDMOS Devices are extremely rugged, providing a low thermal resistance, making them ideal for high-speed and high-power switching applications such as MRI systems, Plasma generators, L-band Radar systems, and non-cellular communication.