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Semiconductor Re-creation

Part Re-creation

The re-creation and replication services provided by Rochester Electronics were introduced to help customers avoid system re-design, re-certification and lengthy (also expensive) process approvals. The Semiconductor Replication Process ™ (SRP™) which was established with an experienced, in-house design team who develops solutions for long-term support when inventory of finished goods and wafers are exhausted. Services provided through SRP include:

  • Device Replication: Used when the original design and IP is no longer available from the original manufacturer. Rochester re-creates a virtually identical device.
  • Product Migration: This approach is taken when cost and difficulty cannot be justified unless several products are simultaneously developed. The original design/IP is minimally adjusted to run on a similar process of the same technology. This can be used on all level of complexities.
  • Process re-creation: When the IP is complete and the original FAB process can be re-created at a foundry, and designs can be maintained. Rochester has successfully completed this with the Intel FAB 4 NMOS processes and AMD bipolar PROM using methodology.

Device Re-creations and What They Mean to You

Fortunately for customers, the re-creation process does not necessarily mean a huge expense. In fact, Rochester-funded re-creations (based on aggregate demand) are not unusual. In this situation, a specific device requiring re-creation may be required by multiple customers, putting Rochester in the position to be proactive in the re-creation process, which will then ultimately remove the Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) cost from the customer's quote process, creating a more cost-effective solution. Successful re-creations to-date include: (we should include the RE Part strip image)

  • ASIC
  • MP
  • Precision Analog
  • Mixed Signal
  • Bipolar
  • CMOS
  • BiCMOS
  • Additional re-creation options include Lead-frame re-creations and Package re-creation, which allows Rochester to completely re-create per customer specifications and bring these options back to production.