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Rochester Electronics is a fully-authorized industry leader with billions of off-the-shelf components immediately available through Factory-Authorized Safety Stock (FASSt) and Extension-of-Life ® solutions. Rochester Electronics acts as a complimentary source for not only finished goods, but for fully manufactured product from die/wafer as well as device re-creation, which assures an ongoing source of supply for mission-critical applications throughout its full lifecycle. With solutions ranging from factory-direct finished inventory, to continued manufacturing services, Rochester has solutions that can guarantee availability for as long as a system's production continues.

Still asking yourself what Rochester can do for you? Let's start with some commonly asked questions:

finished inventory

Tell me more about FASSt™ and the amount of inventory being held at Rochester Electronics.

Customers trust Rochester Electronics for their off-the-shelf devices because Rochester is 100% fully-authorized by the Original Component Manufacturers (OCM) to store and distribute their finished goods; whether active or discontinued.
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warehouse storage facilities

Some of the devices in Rochester inventory are over 30 years old -- How does Rochester store these devices to assure proper functionality?

Rochester Electronics has over 170,000 square feet of warehouse space. Through significant investment, all warehouses are set up to ensure fast, optimum customer service.
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device recreation

The idea of a full device re-creation is a little unclear, why would I need a device re-creation from Rochester Electronics?

The replication services provided by Rochester were introduced to help customers avoid system re-design, re-certification and lengthy (also expensive) process approvals.
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BOM Analysis

How will Rochester's Special Product Agreement™ (SPA™) help my long-term semiconductor requirements?

Rochester's Special Product Agreements™ (SPA™), which work in concert with our continuing manufacture, distribution, and re-creation capabilities, help make Rochester an easy choice for manufacturers who require long-term support for EOL and mature semiconductor components.
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