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Rochester Electronics' Inventory


Ready to Ship & Ready to Manufacture!

Customers trust Rochester Electronics for their off-the-shelf devices because Rochester is 100% fully-authorized by the Original Component Manufacturers (OCM) to store and distribute their finished goods; whether active or discontinued. Rochester Electronics has billions of finished goods in stock, and continues to receive hundreds-of-thousands on a weekly basis.

FASSt™ Inventory for Just-in-Time Situations

As part of Rochester Electronics' Factory-Authorized Safety Stock (FASSt ™) program, Rochester acts as a complementary source to traditional supply channels to cover deficiency while the OCM experiences lead times with their active device manufacturing. As a result of an increasing inventory, Rochester continues to expand its facilities to accommodate the supply of finished devices, which also includes Rochester manufactured devices. Rochester Electronics takes pride in storing these devices in over 170,000 square feet of climate-controlled, industry-approved and audited warehouse space, which includes a secure bonded stock area.

Continued Availability of Mature and EOL Devices

In addition to immediate finished goods inventory, Rochester maintains a die bank that contains the world's largest supply of silicon wafers -- over 10 billion. Inventory has been purchased directly from the original manufacturer, and has been manufactured by Rochester under authorization from the original manufacturer. This inventory enhances the in-stock finished product supply with a ready-to-manufacture semiconductor supply.

What does all of this mean to you? The steps Rochester takes to assure high-quality semiconductors assures that the devices you receive from our inventory will NEVER be counterfeit; you will never have to worry about how the devices were sourced and handled, and the semiconductors will keep their integrity and functionality as long as they are stored in our facilities.