Quality Certifications

Quality is always our primary concern at Rochester — in both product and services. We are proud to carry the following certifications:

  • ISO-9001: (pdf) 2008 certification: This is a quality management standard.
  • AS9120 certification: (pdf) This is awarded to organizations and suppliers that procure parts for the aerospace industry.
  • Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) MIL-PRF-38535: (pdf) This military manufacturing certification is approved by the US government through the Defense Supply Center of Columbus (DSCC). It is this qualification that covers Rochester's quality system, manufacturing, and test facilities and paved the way for the Fairchild South Portland factory to receive the Class Level V Space product certification by DSCC for the devices they produce for Rochester.)
  • Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD): (pdf) This listing, which is awarded by the Defense Supply Center of Columbus (DSCC), verifies that Rochester is a critical supplier to DSCC, and meets all industry and DSCC standards.
  • EN 9120:2002 and JISQ 9120 certification: These are quality management systems for the aerospace industry. The standards apply to stocking distributors and focus on traceability and counterfeit awareness.