Test and Burn-in

Test and Burn-in

Rochester's Original Engineering--Driven™ (OED™) Test Protocol consistently provides the proper test techniques and methods and the highest test quality, providing thorough, appropriate results every time. These test protocols are based entirely on the original manufacturers' test program. It is this level of quality of test that makes our test capabilities the most cost effective and reliable in the industry. Rochester has constructed onsite Environmental and Reliability operations for testing the reliability and robustness of semiconductor devices in dynamic and extreme environments. To-date, Rochester has roughly 6500 square feet of environmental/hi reliability space which completes device testing for Group B, C, D, and Hast/ Auto Clave. Possessing the capability of environmental testing to MIL-STD 883 methods allows Rochester Electronics to ensure the quality of its manufactured devices in environments such as extreme cold and extreme heat in temp cycling chambers, and extreme acceleration in the centrifuge chamber. The site also includes fine/gross leak testing which validates the seal process on each device. Inspection of all devices takes place by MIL-STD 2010 certified personnel at inspection stations. The expanded Environmental and Reliability operations and its staff takes pride in quality assurance and quick turn-around time, which is why the end product Rochester manufactures, will exceed expectations of the end user.

Specific test features include:

  • Multiple test platforms
  • OCM Test programs
  • Complete burn in capabilities
  • Product and process qualification
  • Test platform transfer/conversion
  • Test program development
  • Wafer sort
  • Wafer Probe
  • LAT

Testers housed within the Rochester facility range from vintage Sentry 21 systems to current Teradyne flagship model UltraFlex.

Available ATE:

  • Teradyne UltraFlex
  • Teradyne J-941
  • Teradyne J-953
  • Teradyne J-971
  • Schlumberger S9000GX
  • Sentry-20
  • Sentry-21
  • LTX Trillium Deltamaster
  • Genesis Megatest
  • Credence ASL-1000
  • Credence DUO
  • Credence Quartet
  • STS-8256
  • HP 83000
  • LTS-2020
  • Advantest T-3324
  • Credence SC-312

Available Handlers:

  • MCT
  • SDH
  • DeltaFlex
  • Symtek
  • WTS
  • Aeco
  • Delta Design
  • RFS
  • Multitest
  • TEL
  • Electroglas