Assembly & Packaging

Assembly and Packaging

As part of our commitment to customers and high-quality product, Rochester Electronics continues to expand its campus and capabilities. The latest expansion project on the Rochester campus includes a manufacturing facility with increased capacity for wafer/die inventory, an environmental production operation, and a High Reliability lab. Rochester Electronics continues to identify both industry and customer needs and demands, which has resulted in an increase in investments and commitment by designing and building a class 10k (ISO 7) Assembly Manufacturing facility with multiple technology capabilities. Rochester's expanded in-house assembly capability will offer much faster lead-times for our customers, with little-to-no subcontractor-related delays in prototyping and production deliveries. Also, safety, security and control are guaranteed since the product never leaves the Rochester campus throughout the entire manufacturing process. Depending upon our customer requirements, what used to take several months at a subcontractor will now be completed within a few weeks right in Newburyport, MA. Available today are Mil-Spec, Space-level, and RoHS.

Along with standard industry packages, we also have authorization to use the custom package designs of original manufacturers, enabling us to support customers with products that are virtually identical to the original versions. Packages include CDIP, CERPACK, CPGA, CQFP, CLCC, SB DIP, Flat Pack, PDIP, QFP, SOP, PLCC, METAL CAN, BGA, and SOJ. Others can be added as needed.

Current lead-finish offerings include nickel and gold with solder and tin plating being added. If custom packages or special plating requirements are needed, Rochester can assist. Rochester is able to evaluate any plating requirements specific to each customer and industry.

Rochester Electronics processes and tests devices according to a number of process flows, each specific to particular products. Process flows include commercial, industrial, military temperature, Rochester R, Rochester B, MIL-STD-883, SMD/QML, and space-level S/V.