About Us

Captain Rochester

The Quest for Traceability, Authorization and Quality.

Just like Rochester Electronics, Captain Rochester always arrives "just in time" to save the day when critical semiconductors are needed -- with ready-to-ship stock, continuing manufacturing programs, replication services, and customizable product agreements, all readily available at the highest-quality standard.

Captain Rochester was introduced to the semiconductor industry in 2006, and has since been fighting against counterfeit and substandard devices with his team of valiant allies. Captain Rochester and his team are a group of entertaining characters who are dedicated to spreading the word about best purchasing practices to assure that you are receiving the highest quality semiconductors. The Captain Rochester story-lines include the dire consequences of ignoring best-practice protocol, and what happens to the supply chain when devices do not come direct from authorized sources.

As the Rochester Electronics pioneer, Captain Rochester continues to help raise awareness about the devastating problems revolving around counterfeit and substandard/mishandled components that make their way into the products that can affect everyday life.