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Rochester Electronics Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Headquartered in Newburyport, MA just south of the New Hampshire border, Rochester Electronics is the world's most comprehensive solution for mature and end-of-life semiconductors. With a corporate campus comprised of the Headquarters and a manufacturing building, as well as several distribution facilities, Rochester also has an international presence with sales offices in Europe, Germany, China and Japan. Rochester works with customers worldwide to help turn End-of-Life problems into Extension-of-Life® solutions to provide the semiconductor industry with an authorized, guaranteed source of supply for long-lifecycle applications. Every day, in industries all over the world, critical semiconductors become unavailable from the original manufacturer, even though there is a continuing need for them.

Rochester Electronics is the only manufacturer that is dedicated to ongoing support of critically needed semiconductors for the entire lifecycle. No other company offers the breadth and depth of products and services that Rochester offers.

finished inventory

Manufacturing of semiconductors that are out-of-production from the original manufacturers.

Rochester Electronics is a semiconductor manufacturer. We specialize in continuing the manufacture of EOL and mature semiconductors. We are a reliable, trustworthy extension of the manufacturing process that takes place during the height of a semiconductor's production cycle...
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device re-creation

Re-creation of semiconductors that have limited or no IP but are still urgently needed.

No other company provides the complete device replication services, performance guarantee, and sustained, long-term source of supply that Rochester guarantees — and all products are completely authorized and licensed by the original manufacturer...
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Factory Authorized Safety Stock ™ (FASSt™) is 100% fully-authorized, in stock, and ready-to-ship

Customers trust Rochester Electronics for their off-the-shelf devices because Rochester is 100% fully-authorized by the Original Component Manufacturers (OCM) to store and distribute their finished goods; whether active or discontinued.
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The Semiconductor Replication Process ™ (SRP™) provides a long-term solution for semiconductors with limited or no IP.

The replication services provided by Rochester were introduced to help customers avoid system re-design, re-certification and lengthy (also expensive) process approvals.
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